Unique Uses for a Custom Garage

Posted on October 16th, 2017 by Richard Hill

Design your custom garage to be suited for more than just storage! Add an extra level or more square footage to make space for a unique area. Check out these ideas for what you can do with your custom garage:

Work Out Studio

Have you always wanted the ability to work out at home, but have no space? Adding more space in your custom garage is a great option no matter what your work out style is! If you are a yoga enthusiast, you could create a serene studio perfectly fit for your yoga ambiance. If your family enjoys a variety of workout styles, plan to convert part of your custom garage into a small gym. All you need is a cardio machine, a few weights, and a large mirror.


Make the garage a place to move the party! The garage will provide a barrier for sound so those who are all tired out can sleep peacefully inside the home. Whether you plan on having many gatherings or just want another place to hang out, converting your garage into a bar/lounge is a unique addition your friends will sure be jealous of.

Hobby Hang Out

Plan to design your custom garage with enough room for a hobby hang out. If someone in your home has a loud interest (musical instruments, power tools, and more) then this set up is a win-win. Even if you have a quieter hobby, a custom garage with spare space could be your very own creative oasis.

Custom Garage Builders in Indiana

When you decide to design a custom garage for your home, contact Indiana Garage Guys. Our professionals can guide you through the construction and design process so you receive the custom garage of your dreams! Call (219) 333-7771 for your free on-site evaluation and quote!

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