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Reaching Perfection Using Our 28 Point Garage Construction Process

28 Point Garage Construction Process

Indiana Garage Guys ensure every step of your garage is built to perfection. In addition to our high-quality materials and professional staff, our work process is all-encompassing to frame a garage that is built to last.

After building hundreds of garages, we leave no detail uncovered with our perfected 28-point garage construction system. When things go amiss, our crew is apt to quickly resolve any issue.

Summary of Our Garage Construction Process

Indiana Garage Guy is a licensed contractor that specializes in garage construction. Our crew of professional tradesmen are experts in their respected fields and are proud of the projects they do for their customers. We will always respect your property and personal tastes–making sure every garage we construct is designed to the customers specifications. Read more for a summary of the steps in our typical projects:

Tear Down & Foundation: Our garage projects typically start with ridding the property of older garage construction. After the demolition, we tear-out the slab of old concrete and pour new concrete in its place.

Concrete Construction: To make sure the foundation is secure, the concrete of 4000 psi is used, fortified with a base of crushed stone and mesh. The plan for a basic garage is designed with a footing in Keystone style, that is reinforced with ⅝ double rebar and poured into the featured concrete slab of 4-5 inches. To resist the moisture between the concrete and construction lumber, 2×4 inch green wood is treated to be more resistant to moisture and is hooked using anchor bolts to the slab of concrete.

The Walls & Nails: Then are the rafters, consisting of 2×6 lumber of stud grade. A sheathing board that is wood-based is used to create the walls. This is then connected to the stubs that were placed to create the side walls. Then galvanized ring shank, which is used to prevent nails from losing their grip, nails join the construction materials.

Roof Support: Our construction for roof support are designed to meet the specifics of your new garage construction. These are then set, and the sheathing nailed into place to finish this important step.

Roofing & Siding: The next step in garage construction is adding the siding and roofing. Your home’s chosen shingle color is then matched as perfectly as possible. With many types of siding to choose from such as stucco, cement, wood, and composite you have several options.

The Garage Door: We stick to industry standards when it comes to the opening of your two-car garage. To keep sagging from being an issue we use 2×12 headers, laminated beams, and a flitch plate. This procedure allows your new garage construction door to remain sturdy for many years. As a trusted garage builder, we pride ourselves in custom fitting you door size to whatever size you are in need of.

Electrical: The electrical part of the job is the last step.

Garage kit building is not done by Indiana Garage Guys! We choose each piece of lumber ourselves to ensure its quality, straightness, and only work with companies that offer products that are environmentally safe. Call 219-333-7771 or email us for more details on our construction process. Be sure to ask about our exclusive warranties!

Here at Indiana Garage Guys, we are proud to serve the people of the Hammond, Highland, Munster, Hobart, and Merrillville areas.

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