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If you are like most homeowners, finding ways to increase the appeal and functionality of your residence close to Gary is important. With all of the possibilities in the world of home additions, finding the right one will take some research. When you hire our professional builders to construct a new garage, you will add curb appeal and security to your residence. At Indiana Garage Guys, we encourage you to request a garage construction estimate so you can see what we can do for you. During this process, we will attempt to answer all your questions, provide the advice you are looking for, and help you design the garage you desire.

Our Concrete Construction Process Is Second to None

One of the first things we go over when conducting an onsite estimate with an Indiana homeowner is our concrete construction process. Our team understands a custom garage is only as good as the foundation it is constructed upon. We use 5/8 rebar steel enforcements during the construction of our custom-built garages. We also use moisture resistant bottom plates at the points where anchor bolts are installed. This reduces the amount of moisture related issues that can happen over time. No matter the design you want, our garage construction estimates are designed to cover all the most important details. We want your garage to stand strong against anything that is thrown its way.

The Roof Support You Need

Another factor we go over with prospective customers during our garage construction estimates is the roof support. We utilize the power of heavy-duty roof trusses to give added durability to our garage buildings. Once we have the roof structure in place, we let you pick out the shingle color you want so you can achieve the customized look you are after. We pride ourselves as being a garage builder that will do their best to help you realize your vision of garage perfection. By providing our customers with a wide range of customizable options, we bring to life the garage they’ve been waiting for.

Estimates You Can Count On

Here at Indiana Garage Guys, we stand by our word. This is why when offering our customers the garage estimates for which they ask, we take everything into consideration. The last thing we want is to upset a customer by telling them the wrong price or offer up a time frame we can’t stand by. When we come to your property, we will take our time ensuring everything is taken into account. If you need our assistance with making important decisions such as what construction materials best suit your home, we will be there. Our goal is to provide you with honest, clear estimates in hopes of help build the garage you’ve been waiting for.

If you are in the market for a well-constructed garage for your home near Highland, Hammond or Gary, Indiana, give us a call today to request an estimate. Our team of experts will schedule you for a free garage construction estimate that coincides with your schedule, in hopes of making the entire garage construction process easier.

At Indiana Garage Guys, we are proud to serve the people of Hammond, Highland, Munster, Hobart, and Merrillville.

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