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Garage Plans Customized For You

Garage Plans Customized

When investing in a new garage, Indiana Garage Guy believes that customization is key. As an experienced and versatile garage building company in Indiana, we want to build you your dream garage that is suited for both your wants and needs.

Once you choose from one of our five types of design plans, we can get started on the customization of your unique garage.

  • 2-Point Roof — this is the standard garage roof style. The triangular gable faces the road and is built to match your home.
  • Reverse Gable Roof — one of the most common garage roof styles. The angle of the roofline slopes to the front and back of the garage. The gable ends face the sides.
  • 4-Point Roof — built for extra storage capacity and extra strength against windstorms. We offer several types.
  • I-joist Garage — ideal for the homeowner who needs a little extra storage. The strength of the I-joist wood beams in the floor allows the structure to support the weight of additional storage space above.

Reverse Gable Roof

Roof Pitch Guide

Don’t know how to figure out the Roof Pitch? In the first photo, the 4 means that the roof rises 4″ for every 12″ it runs.

Roof Pitch Guide

Garage Size

  • Capacity – When it comes to the size of your new garage, the sky is the limit. Whether the garage will hold only
    one compact car or your entire car collection plus all your outdoor equipment, Indiana Garage Guy can create a custom garage for your needs.
  • Storage – No matter what you need to store and how much of it, Indiana Garage Guy can create a custom garage that fits all of your toys and treasures.
  • Style – We want to create a garage for you that will compliment the appearance of your home and update its look. Indiana Garage Guy offers a wide range of styles, sizes materials, and colors to ensure you get the most functional and aesthetically-pleasing garage for your budget.

Garage Size

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Let Indiana Garage Guys help you build a custom design for a new garage that suits your needs. We help Indiana, Illinois home and business owners create functional, beautiful garages.

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